Monday, June 28, 2010

Ricky Loves Ice Cream

Ricky loves to lick out my ice cream bowl after I'm done.

My Birds. Gigi Is Sick-June 27th -28th, 2010

My Parakeet, Gigi, looks like she might be egg bound. The poor little thing is having a hard time pushing anything out and the insides are sticking out of her. I got hold of her and washed her up behind there to see if I could feel an egg but I didn't. So maybe it's something else. She has been like this before but not with her insides sticking out. She always came out of it okay. So I'm hoping. She is nine years old though and is getting weaker. She's always been a little toughy. I remember when I first got her at 8 weeks old. She'd fall on the floor and climb right up the sides of the cage to get back in. Rudy, the male, never could do that. he'd wait for me to pick him up. I love my pet birds. They've given me much enjoyment and company over the last nine years.
The next day, which is today, the 28th, she seems to be a bit better and her insides are not sticking out any more. She flew around with Rudy a bit and is free to go wherever she wants but sticks to the cages mostly. She seemed to be spitting up her food though. I'm not sure if she can eat anything. I haven't seen her poop either. I'm keeping an eye on her. I was half expecting her to be lying on the bottom of the cage this morning but so happy she wasn't!