Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27, 2010-Sad News-Rudy Died

This is poor Rudy holding his foot up under him after he hurt it.

My pet parakeet (Budgie), Rudy, died this morning. He had hurt his foot somehow yesterday and He was having a hard time climbing but could still get up on the perches and was very healthy except for that foot pain. I looked at it and it had a slight crack in the area where it folds on one of his claws. Sort of like it would be in between our fingers. I thought he'd heal up fine and be okay. The only trouble was the female kept picking on him and making him fall off his perch or get away from her. She would not leave him alone.
I uncovered them at 8:30 this morning and Rudy was lying in the back corner on the floor as if he had fallen off the perch. He was still quite warm so I think it had just happened not too long before that. I thought I heard a noise earlier but I was in the bathroom and didn't think about him. I thought it was the squirrels on the window. If I had looked earlier I might have been able to save him. He was just about nine years old and I've had him since he was a baby. Gigi is the same age and I presume she won't be living much longer. Now she will be very lonely. She will have no one to pick on any more. They did get along good though and Rudy would always preen Gigi and try to feed her. I will miss him. I didn't think he'd die before Gigi. And I didn't think they'd be dying before me. At least now I won't have to put him to sleep and if Gigi goes to it will be much easier on me than thinking about having them put to sleep when this cancer gets so bad that I can't take care of them any more. Rest in peace Rudy.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ricky And I-December 18, 2010

Ricky always sits on my computer desk while I'm at the computer. He never wants me out of his sight. Guess he thinks I'll go away again..Ha! Someday I will. For good. But not for a while yet. I'm feeling great right now and will enjoy these last days while I can.